Trespass Notice

The issuance of trespass notices is a civil process. It is the property owner, manager, or tenant’s responsibility to serve trespass notices and maintain a copy of that notice.

Service can be handled by making the offender aware in person and providing them with a copy of the written notice or having the Winchester Sheriff’s Office serve the copy to the person for a fee. A sample form is provided below and can be used by the property owner, manager, or tenant. If a person violates the notice, please contact the Winchester Police Department immediately. The violation may result in the person’s arrest.  

If you are a property owner that wishes to have the Winchester Police Department act on your behalf in regard to trespass, pursuant to city Code 20-26 and Virginia Code 5.2-1717.1, please fill out the Designation Request Form.

Trespass Notice and Designation Request Form

The below forms are to be filled out and sent to the individual you wish to be served. Keep a copy for your personal records.

Trespass Notice (English and Spanish)(PDF, 33KB)

Designation-Request.pdf(PDF, 137KB)