School Zone Speed Camera FAQs

Published on April 04, 2024

How do speed cameras work?

The automated speed cameras measure the speed of each passing vehicle. A series of videos and photographs are recorded to document vehicles traveling at or above a determined speed threshold. The date, time, and location of the violation and the speed and license plate of the violator’s vehicle are recorded. Following the proper identification of the vehicle's registered owner using the license plate number, the registered owner is mailed a citation, including the violation photos and the vehicle speed.

How will I know if I am in a speed camera zone?

“Photo enforced” signs under school zone signs and flashing lights will alert drivers that speed cameras are in use in that area during that time.

What are the fines for a school zone speeding violation?

The fine is $100.

How do I pay my fine?

.::Online Citation Payment::.

Why is my fine being mailed out of state?

The City contracts with a third-party vendor to handle citation mailing and billing, which is done outside of Winchester.

Will I receive points on my driving record for a photo speed ticket?

No. Photo speed violations are zero-point traffic infractions that are not reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Does anyone review the citations before they are mailed out?

Yes. As a final check, each citation is verified and approved by a Winchester police officer. The reviewing police officer signs a statement on the citation that indicates the vehicle was being operated in violation of the law based on inspection of the recorded images.

How can an Automated Speed Enforcement Violation be contested?

The registered vehicle owner may request a hearing to challenge an Automated Speed Enforcement citation. This process and instructions are included with the citation.

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