Virginia Unites to Combat Fake Pills and Fentanyl Overdoses

Published on April 29, 2024

One Pill Can Kill

In an effort to tackle the pressing issue of fake pills and fentanyl-related overdoses, Attorney General Jason Miyares announced the launch of the "One Kill Can Kill" initiative. This campaign aims to raise awareness and educate communities on the ongoing issue of fake prescription pills and overdoses.

Through the "One Kill Can Kill" initiative, Virginia is creating a unified approach that brings together government agencies, law enforcement, and community organizations. The initiative seeks to implement strategies to address the challenges posed by fake pills and fentanyl overdoses.

Chief Behan states, "Our department is fully committed to combating the deadly threat posed by counterfeit pills and fentanyl overdoses. Through proactive enforcement efforts, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, we are dedicated to safeguarding our communities and saving lives. We will continue to prioritize public safety and work to dismantle the distribution of these dangerous substances."

As Virginia confronts the challenges posed by fake pills and fentanyl overdoses, the "One Kill Can Kill" initiative emphasizes the state's commitment to safeguarding public health and protecting vulnerable populations. For more information about the "One Kill Can Kill" initiative and how you can get involved, please visit:

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