Office of Professional Standards

Five officers including the Chief of Police and Deputy Chief standing, presenting an awarded Certificate of Accreditation

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for maintaining the confidence our community members have in our agency through several different functions. In addition to recruitment and accreditation, our staff oversees emergency management, project management, policy development, community outreach, and serves as the media liaison to the City’s Communications Team.


Another important component of this Division, is internal affairs. The Office of Professional Standards has the authority to conduct investigations in the following instances:

  • When an allegation or complaint of misconduct has been made against an employee;
  • When an administrative review of a use of force or pursuit reveals a potential policy violation;
  • When a death or serious injury has occurred in the presence of or in the custody of an employee;
  • When an allegation or complaint of misconduct is made against a City employee and the City Manager authorizes the investigation.


A headshot of Lieutenant Amanda Behan


Lt. Amanda Behan
231 E. Piccadilly Street
Winchester, VA 22601


(540) 545-4700