Winchester Emergency Communications Center moves forward with modern technology

Effective immediately, the Winchester Emergency Communications Center will be using a new technology, Prepared Live, which allows 911 callers to share a livestream from their locations with the dispatch center and provide "eyes-on-scene" capability. The Winchester Police Department is proud that its Emergency Communications Center was one of the first to acquire this technology in Virginia.


By using this technology, the dispatch center can text a link to any 911 caller during situations in which a livestream could assist first responders with gathering additional information. The caller can voluntarily agree to allow dispatch access to their smartphone camera to send a livestream back into the dispatch center. This system will also allow the caller to upload a relevant picture or video that would assist with information about the incident.


“Allowing callers to use their smartphones to send information instantly and even livestream from their locations has been a total game-changer," stated Emergency Communications Center Director Erin Malloy.  


This program is provided at no cost to 911 centers across the country.