About Winchester Police

The Winchester Police Department is one of Virginia's 100+ accredited law enforcement agencies. The department has 105 employees, 79 of which are sworn law enforcement officers. We utilize community policing activities to stay connected with our residents and businesses and value integrity, transparency, teamwork, and commitment.

Chief Kelly posing with his right arm bent across his stomach as if leaning on a bar and a smile

“In the City of Winchester, we believe strongly in the value of community policing. Our officers are out in the community, getting to know residents and business owners, and building trust among our youth. I encourage residents to attend WPD events, meet some of our dedicated officers and learn about the services provided by your police department. Our officers, dispatchers and staff work hard every day to ensure the city is safe and we love every minute of it. Hope to see you soon.”

Chief John Piper

Our Mission

The Winchester Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life for all people by preventing crime in the city. We will accomplish this by enforcing the law with impartiality, creating partnerships through communication and education, and problem-solving using innovative policing strategies.



We, the members of the Winchester Police Department, will strive to become the most highly trained and effective law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia.