Crime Map

Winchester Crime Map To view the interactive crime mapping tool please Go directly to CityProtect here. By clicking this link you will navigate away from the Winchester Police Service website.


The City of Winchester’s Police Department has partnered with to provide a FREE, easy-to-use web-based service for sharing crime data with the public, in near real-time.

Information is updated every 24 hours, so the information citizens obtain is timely and accurate, not days or weeks old. The accurate information can then be seen in a variety of ways; through crime mapping and through analytics.

Crime mapping allows users to type in a specific address of interest within the jurisdiction of the City of Winchester’s Police Department (i.e. school, home, office), choose crime types, set dates or a variety of all three, and click “Get Report” to see them plotted on the map. The user can then click on each event plotted to gather more details about the incident that occurred, to include the case report number. The map can be manipulated to show a variety of views from street level or satellite views. The user can also pan and zoom to get varying viewpoints.

Analytics allows users to obtain statistics, track trends, and view graphs and charts for crimes in the City of Winchester. The graphs and charts come in handy for a variety of uses, to include presentations at Neighborhood Watch meetings.


The City of Winchester Police Department, in its efforts to provide citizens with a better picture of the community we serve, has partnered with to offer crime mapping and statistics. While we make every effort to provide timely, accurate information, the data provided to is based upon the original incident reported to the City of Winchester’s Police Department. Supplemental reports or other factors which may impact an investigation may not be factored in when information is provided to Additionally, the information displayed on the site is susceptible to error due to collection, entry, and processing of the data. No interpretation should be made as to the data posted on the site as it is offered for informational purposes. To verify data or for statistical analysis, please contact the City of Winchester Police Department. The information is provided strictly as a courtesy to the public.