City to Hold Active Shooter Exercise on September 24

First responders in the City of Winchester will be conducting a full-scale active shooter training exercise on Saturday, September 24th at Daniel Morgan Middle School. The drill will include Winchester Police, Winchester Fire and Rescue, Winchester Public Schools, Emergency Management, and Valley Health.  The purpose of this exercise is to provide scenario-based training to law enforcement and emergency management personnel in a simulated critical incident environment, while strengthening agency response and coordination with school staff and Winchester Medical Center. Approximately 350 people are expected to participate, including 200 volunteers.

The exercise will take place from 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.  The public should expect the following:

  • Road Closures – The following streets will be closed during parts of the exercise:
    • Cork St. from Pleasant Valley Rd. to Rifleman Ln.
    • Purcell St. from Maple Dr. to Woodstock Ln.
    • Grove St. from N. Purcell Ave. to Christopher Dr.
    • Christopher Dr. from Grove St. to Woodstock Ln.
    • Woodstock Ln. from N. Purcell Ave. to Christopher Dr.
  • Patrol vehicles, firetrucks and ambulances with emergency lights engaged at the scene, ambulances in route to the hospital.
  • Activity in Jim Barnett Park – The park will serve as a staging area.  There will be increased activity near the entrance on Cork St. and athletic fields.  The War Memorial building will be closed to the public on Saturday, September 24th.
  • Loud noise- blank rounds will be fired by police officers

We ask that drivers use caution in the area during this time, as there will be an increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

This drill is unique and will have many new elements that have not been a part of previous drills.  Winchester Public Schools will be activating a Family Reunification Center, and Winchester Medical Center will be activating its mass casualty command center.