Winchester Police remind area businesses Kari’s Law deadline is fast approaching

The Winchester Police Department (WPD) is reminding area businesses and organizations that they must be in compliance with Kari’s Law by February 16, 2020. In addition to other compliance measuresH.R. Bill 582 became federal law in 2018, requiring multi-line telephone systems to automatically call 9-1-1 (when dialed) without having to press a button to reach an outside line. 


In 2013, Kari Hunt was murdered in a motel room in Texas. Her young daughter, a witness to the attack, attempted to call 9-1-1 from the room phone but her attempts failed due to the requirement to dial ‘9’ for an outside line. Kari tragically died as a result of the attack. Kari’s family petitioned the FCC for change and, five years later, Kari’s Law has been implemented nationwide. 


Kari’s Law has additional compliance standards and the WPD encourages businesses and organizations to review this link for more information.