‘Combat the Cat’ anti-theft awareness campaign sees early results

In November 2018, the Winchester Police Department (WPD) launched its awareness campaign titled “Combat the Cat – Lock it Tight or Risk the Swipe!” in order to educate residents about the risks of leaving vehicles unlocked and unattended.


From November 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, the WPD received seven reports of theft from motor vehicles. During that same time period (11/1-12/31) in 2017, the number of reports received was 20, and 22 reports were received in 2016.


So far, the WPD’s campaign efforts have included web graphics, videos, and approximately 30 yard signs that were placed in high-traffic retail areas during the holiday shopping season. On January 8, officers moved the signs to residential areas.


“We are thrilled to see a decrease in calls regarding thefts from motor vehicles during the first two months of the campaign,” stated Lt. Amanda Behan. “We plan to continue with the campaign and are anxious to see the results over the next year.”


For more information, visit winchesterpolice.org/crime-prevention.


A Reports of Theft from Motor Vehicles from November 1st to December 31st. It shows a decrease in thefts from 22 in 2016, 20 in 2017, and 7 in 2018 following the Combat the Cat Anti-Theft from Motor Vehivle Initiative launched in November 2018