The Citizen Academy provides Winchester citizens with an inside look at local law enforcement operations and challenges. The purpose of the Citizen Academy is to develop positive relations between the police and community through education. Our goal is to create a core of responsible, well-informed citizens who have the potential to influence public opinion and dispel untruths about police practices and services.


Participants in each session commit to meet for three hours one evening per week, for ten weeks, to learn about various aspects of the department. Most of the instructors will be officers and personnel from within the department, who speak on their area of expertise. Though the curriculum and teaching methods are similar to the traditional Police Academy, the Citizen Academy is not designed to train participants as police officers or vigilantes. After the academy, they are eligible to apply to become a member of the Volunteers in Policing “VIPs” to serve the police department and our community.


Citizen Academy participants come to class from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of philosophies about police officers. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, express ideas, and offer suggestions. Class size is limited to thirty participants.


Citizen Police Academy Regulations

1. The Citizen Police Academy shall not interfere with the routine operations of the Police Department.

2. Participants are required to dress in proper attire (slacks and dress shirt, blouse, etc.)

3. During a ride along with an officer, no interference with the performance of any officer shall be permitted.

4. Participants who are asked to identify themselves should explain that they are Citizen Academy participants.

5. Use of tobacco products is prohibited in the Public Safety Building and police vehicles.

6. Please turn cell phones/pager off or to vibrate.

7. Citizen Academy participants may not carry firearms while attending the Citizen Police Academy.

8. A criminal records check will be conducted on all applicants prior to admission to the academy. A criminal history may disqualify an applicant from participation.


Citizen Academy Curriculum

September 28 (Week 3)

  • SRO Program / Juvenile Law
  • Defensive Tactics / Use of Force
  • Drone Team / Emergency Management
  • Police Driving / Pursuits
  • Crisis Intervention Team / Mental Subjects


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