DEFROST: Winchester's True Crime with Behan & Smith


DEFROST: Winchester's True Crime with Behan & Smith


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The first episode of DEFROST was released at 11:00 a.m. on March 11, 2020. Within 24 hours of release, DEFROST achieved the #158 spot in the Top 200 True Crime shows on Apple Podcasts.  


Original News Release 


Lieutenant Amanda Behan of the Winchester Police Department (WPD) will host a new true crime podcast titled Defrost: Winchester’s True Crime with Behan & Smith. In its first season, which is tentatively scheduled to premiere in March of 2020, the podcast will cover an unsolved homicide investigation in Winchester.


“We’re very excited to produce this new podcast,” stated host Lt. Amanda Behan, who researched cases and played an integral role in developing show content. “It will provide our listeners with popular true crime content that they can feel attached to as residents. More importantly, it has the potential to help the WPD reopen cold cases and find new information that can bring closure to both the cases and the families of the victims.”


Retired Detective Craig Smith, who now works for the WPD on a part-time basis, will join Lt. Behan as a co-host of the show. “As someone who worked for many years in Investigations, I think the podcast will afford our team a fresh perspective on the details of the cases that we cover and help us develop new leads,” stated Detective Smith. “The show will be equally as introspective as it is informative.”


The podcast will be produced in-house by the City of Winchester’s Communications Department as a spin-off of the City’s podcast, The Rouss Review.